2023 Lisa Liu

Lisa Liu is passionate about native biodiversity in landscape architectural design. Her academic journey started with a Bachelor degree in environmental art and design. With eight years of professional experience as an exhibition and event designer in Beijing, China, one of her goals is to implement research results into design works. Her Masters dissertation explores the integration of Nature-Based Solutions in semi-arid environments like Perth. She is committed to proposing a new planting strategy for verges by mitigating homogenization and increasing biodiversity.

Lisa will graduate from the Master of Landscape Architecture student at UWA at the end of 2023.

Why did you choose to study landscape architecture?
Lisa Liu – I chose landscape architecture because of my deep passion for plants and sustainable design. It's the perfect combination of my curiosity for the natural world and my dedication to designing in a way that is environmentally conscious, responding to ‘sense of place’.

What has been a memorable class from your time at UWA?
LL – All of them. I'm grateful for the strong enthusiasm of all my teachers at design school, which extended beyond landscape architecture to encompass urban design, planning, and architecture, creating an interdisciplinary atmosphere.

What has been your most memorable project during your time studying landscape architecture at UWA?
LL – My most memorable project is my Dissertation by Design. It is based on not only my previous studies but goes beyond, providing valuable insights and guidance for my future career in design and research.

During your time as a student, who has been a key person of influence in developing your approach to landscape architecture? 
LL – I was lucky to take Maria Ignatieva's Urban Ecology unit online during my first semester, two and a half years ago. Distance learning can be challenging, but her positive feedback and dedicated teaching, particularly in the realm of urban ecology, made it a rewarding experience. My passion for urban ecology stems from my desire to combine landscape design and urban ecology knowledge to mitigate climate change. I was inspired to learn from her with the goal of becoming a dedicated and proactive contributor and making a humble contribution to the world.

What’s one resources from your time at UWA that you return to, or that you feel have been most influential on you as a landscape architecture student?
LL – Sense of Place by George Seddon strongly resonates with my design and research interests. While I may not have comprehensively grasped its depths, its influence is apparent in my design and research works, as far as my understanding allows.

What is a moment that stands out from your time studying landscape architecture at UWA?
LL – A standout moment for me was when I saw the diverse and talent-filled exhibition works from both the Summer and Winter Exhibitions at the School of Design, including an array of diligent and gifted individuals.

This interview was undertaken in 2023. It has been edited for clarity and cohesion.

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Imags: Lisa Lui presenting her Masters research at the Shades of Urban Greening Symposium in 2023 (images via Rosie Halsmith)