2001 Jeremy Flynn

Jeremy Flynn is Principal Landscape Architect at the Parks and Wildlife Service of Western Australia. He graduated from the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at UWA in 2001.

Why did you choose to study landscape architecture?
JF – I had intended to study architecture however the UWA landscape architecture program was presented to us in Albany during Year 12. I was keen. It was the combination of drawing, art, garden design and outdoor environments [that drew me to landscape architecture].

What was your most memorable class from your time at UWA?
JF – Design studios had their own life and community. With up to 12 hours class contact, plus time working in studios, moving between the drawing boards and computer labs. The studios became at once infectious and frightening.

During your time as a student, who was a key person of influence in developing your approach to landscape architecture, and why?
JF – The four pillars of Richard Weller, Tinka Sack, Christopher Vernon and Grant Revell. They each brought a completely different passion and approach. Richard's irreverence and creativity, Tinka's passion for materials, Christopher's deep interest in historical landscapes and Grant's embedment in the Western Australian landscape and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

What is a moment that stands out for you in your career, so far?
JF – Collaborating on projects in beautiful locations with creative, skilled designers, engineers and contractors. 

Could you share a significant project that you’ve worked on or are working on?
JF – Lalang-gaddam Marine Parks Visitor Plan. Building nothing while harnessing skills in communication and critical thinking to deliver an agreed approach to managing a resource.

Do you have any advice for current landscape architecture students at the School of Design?
JF – Draw. Invest time in your projects. Critique your own work.

This interview was undertaken in 2022, and has been edited for clarity and cohesion.

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Image: Lalang-gaddam Marine Park Visitor Plan by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on Dambimangari Country (via aila.awardsplatform.com)